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Electric Commuter Bike Buyer's Guide

Who are Electric Commuter Bikes For?

Electric commuter and cruiser bikes are great for a wide range of people, but made especially for those who want two wheels to get around town, commute to work, or cruise along city trails. While electric commuter bikes can be the solution for people needing physical assistance in riding, anyone can enjoy the benefits of a little boost to your pedaling.

Here are a few types of people who would a electric commuter bike is perfect for:

  • Commuters wanting to avoid rush-hour traffic
  • Recreational riders who prefer casual bikes rides
  • People new to cycling but interested in e-bikes

Benefits of riding an electric bike around town

Outside of the most obvious benefit of an electric bike being the ability to have extra boosts of power without expending much energy, there are numerous benefits to getting one of these electric commuter or cruiser bikes. Here are a few of our top ones:

Magnum Stepthrough electric bike

Avoiding car commutes

This one should be a big pull for anyone who has spent extended periods of time in rush-hour traffic. Not only can an electric commuter bike help you avoid some of those frustrations, it can also drastically reduce the amount of money spent on gas. 

After getting an electric commuter bike, we’re pretty sure you won’t want to go back to driving your car for those inter-city trips.

Magnum Payload e-bike

Ability to go further with less fatigue

This one is ideal for people who love to explore or commute by bike and don’t want to miss out on reaching destinations due to a lack of energy or physical limitations. You’ll be surprised how much you enjoy sweating less and riding further.

E-bike rides with friends

Keep pace with other riders

For anyone that commutes with other people, keeping the same pace throughout a ride can be difficult especially given disparities among riders’ experience levels. With an electric commuter bike, these disparities can be minimized fairly easily.

cargo electric commuter bike

Bringing kids and cargo along with ease

A big benefit for parents and people who prefer taking their bike to pick up groceries and other items, electric commuter bikes make pulling kids and cargo quite easier than a traditional bike. Whether you're attaching a trailer on the back or just mounting accessories, these electric bikes handle the extra weight with ease.

Common Features of Electric Commuter Bikes

Here are a few common features to keep in mind when purchasing an electric commuter bike:

Electric Bike Classes

In purchasing a commuter e-bike, the speed differences between bike classes probably won't matter much, but knowing whether the bike motor is activated by pedal-assist will, and that is shown by which bike class it falls under. 

Class 1 and 3 are pedal-assist, while class 2 electric bikes use both pedal-assist and a throttle.

Electric Bike Motors

While you'll be more worried about getting to your destination than getting there fast while commuting, it is helpful to know a few features to know about these bike motors. 

For commuting, wattage power and torque of a motor probably won't sway your decision, but it's helpful to know that these figures represent the power and rotational force output of the motor. For bike modes and the position of the motor, there is not much difference between the options we offer, leaving it up to you as a personal preference.

Electric Bike Batteries

Depending on the length of your commute, an electric bike battery might be a feature that's important to you. For short commutes, any electric commuter bike and its battery will be sufficient. 

For longer commutes, you should look to a bike battery that has more watt-hours. Other factors like removability and position on bike are personal preference for your commutes to work and beyond.

Electric Bike Displays

Electric commuter bike displays are largely a factor up to personal preference. Generally all commuter e-bikes have a display screen that allows you to see the modes the bike offers and your battery level.

Powerbikes' Commuter E-Bikes

Our selection of electric commuter bikes features brands like Magnum, E-Lux, and Gocycle. Now that you know what to look for in your next commuter e-bike, finding the one for you should be a breeze—just like the first adventure on your new ride. And if you're still unsure if an electric bike is for you, check out our electric bike guide