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Magnum Electric Bike Guide

Read our helpful guide to find the perfect Magnum electric bike for your lifestyle. We’ll cover the top styles of Magnum bikes, the most popular models, and some of the common questions customers ask. Keep scrolling to get started!

Why Magnum bikes?

At, we love Magnum bikes because they’re reliable, super capable, and very affordable for an electric bike with such great performance.

Plus, Magnum bikes are often class 3 ebikes, meaning that the motor engages both through pedaling and by using a throttle.

They can reach faster assisted speeds pedal-assist only bikes, and having options gives you the ability to get in some good exercise or just relax and cruise.

In the next section, we break down the different styles of Magnum electric bikes and some of the top models in each category so you can find the ebike that suits you best.

All Magnum bikes for sale

If you want to head straight to our catalog to browse and explore our Magnum bikes on your own, click the link below. If you want to learn more about each style and view our favorite models, keep on reading.

Magnum hybrid bikes

Magnum hybrid bikes are up for just about anything. Unless you want an ebike that is mostly designed as a cruiser, folding bike, or mountain bike, we think that these models will suit the majority of riders’ two-wheeled ambitions. We’ve listed some of our favorites below:

Magnum Metro electric bike

Magnum Metro

The Magnum Metro is a classic electric bike with a 500w motor that will get you to your destination in no time.

Magnum Pathfinder electric bike

Magnum Pathfinder

The Magnum Pathfinder combines fat 20" tires, a powerful 500w motor and a comfortable upright design for a true do-anything experience.

Magnum Cosmopolitan electric bike

Magnum Cosmopolitan

The Magnum Cosmopolitan features a lightweight frame with an integrated battery and multiple color options for a stylish look.

Magnum electric cruiser bikes

Magnum cruiser electric bikes are great for comfortably zooming around town. They’re great for commuting to work, getting some exercise, and running errands without ever having to get in a car. Check out some of our favorite models below:

Magnum Cruiser electric bike

Magnum Cruiser

The Magnum Cruiser is an electric cruiser bike with plenty of power to help you go anywhere in style.

Magnum Ranger electric bike

Magnum Ranger

The Magnum Ranger is similar to the Cruiser, but the 750w motor packs in even more power for tons of fun.

Magnum folding electric bikes

Magnum folding electric bikes are perfect for urban cyclists and commuters. Not only do you get the speed boost of the electric motor, but you can also fold these ebikes up so they can easily fit in your office, the train, or in smaller apartments. Explore some of our top models below:

Magnum Premium II Low Step folding electric bike

Magnum Premium II Low Step

Bring your folding electric bike anywhere with the Magnum Premium II Low Step. It's got plenty of power for commuting and offers 7 speeds and a suspension fork for comfort.

Magnum Classic II Low Step folding electric bike

Magnum Classic II Low Step

The Magnum Classic II Low Step folding electric bike is similar to the Premium version, although it's a bit lighter and has a suspension fork with a little less travel.

Magnum mountain bikes and fat bikes

Magnum mountain bikes and fat bikes give you the ability to confidently ride trails and dirt roads so you never have to worry if your bike is up for a little adventure. Take a look at our favorite models:

Magnum Summit electric mountain bike

Magnum Summit

The Magnum Summit is the brand's flagship electric mountain bike that is ready for any trail.

Magnum Peak electric mountain bike

Magnum Peak

The Magnum Peak offers both 29" and 27.5" wheel sizes, but doesn't have the same integrated battery as the Summit.

Magnum Scout electric fat bike

Magnum Scout

The Magnum Scout is an electric fat bike with 4" tires and plenty of power for adventurous riding.

Magnum Nomad electric fat bike

Magnum Nomad

The Magnum Nomad is similar to the Scout but features a step-thru frame for maximum standover clearance on off-road trails.

Magnum electric bike FAQs

Are Magnum bikes good?

We think Magnum bikes are good options because they offer a great combination of power, reliability, and affordability for the average electric bike rider.

Where are Magnum ebikes made?

Magnum ebikes are made in Germany (productions & quality control ) and China (manufacturing.)

How do you charge a Magnum bike?

First you need to turn off the battery so that the LED lights go out. Then you take the battery out by turning the battery key. Then you plug the provided charger into the wall and connect the other end of the charger to the battery. You’ll want to make sure you don’t overcharge the battery by leaving it plugged in longer than it needs to reach a full charge.

How do you turn on a Magnum electric bike?

While certain models vary slightly, you can turn on most Magnum bikes by pushing the power button located on the battery.

What is the best electric bike for seniors?

We think the best electric bike for seniors is a model that is very upright and has a step thru frame, like the Magnum Pathfinder or Cosmopolitan.