What is Bike Index? And how can it help recover your stolen ebike?

Bike Index is a valuable tool that many bike shops and individuals choose to use to help protect their customers and themselves from the real possibility of bike theft. While the best choice is not having your electric bike stolen in the first place by using a high quality lock, it's good to be prepared.

Bike Index is a nation-wide database of bicycles and their serial numbers, and their database integrates with other databases, like bicycle shops and police information systems and checks against its list of bikes. If a bike that is known to be stolen is found, that bike is flagged and the relevant authorities are notified, including you, if it's your bike that's been found!

If your bike is stolen, report it to Bike Index, and if your bike is found, either by a bike shop or the police, you'll be directly contacted.

Here at Powerbikes.com, all of our bikes are automatically registered when you purchase your ebike. Your data and the serial number of your ebike is securely and privately sent to Bike Index. 

Then, if your electric bike is stolen, simply let Bike Index know and they'll contact you automatically if your bike is found. 

We're proud to partner with Bike Index to provide this additional service to our customers. 

Learn more about Bike Index here, and consider buying from a shop that uses it!