Why We Don't Do Conversion Kits

We neither sell, nor install these devices

It seems like a great idea--you have a bike you love. But you want a little extra boost on your rides. It seems like a great idea to electrify your current ride.

But there are important downsides to using a conversion kit for bicycles that you should consider before doing so.

Firstly, in many states, including Minnesota, ebikes must have motor cut-offs that activate when the brakes are applied. Setting these up requires a bit of technical knowledge and for your bike to meet certain physical requirements. 

Additionally, your bike needs to "fit" the wheel for hub drive conversion kits.

But most importantly, great bicycles that are converted into ebikes don't perform as well as we'd always hope they would. Ebikes sold as such are designed for the higher speeds, and weight of the battery and motor. 

Bicycles that are converted will handle differently because of the added weight and speed, which can turn a bike you love into an ebike that you don't. 

That's why we recommend purchasing an ebike that's designed as such, so that you know that it will perform exactly how you'd like it to.