Written by Linda Stone

Spring in Minnesota is a time when everyone wants to be outside. My job is to help people do just that. But on an electric bike, of course! 

You can find me surrounded by ebikes in a small shop in a small town. The restaurant to our left sells sushi and the shop to our right has farm to table fine dining. It’s an aromatic location and I love it. I send test riders off through the parking lot and I enjoy knowing that everyone goes out smiling even if I can’t see it on their faces. People fall in love with them all of the time. I wanted my friends to have this experience too and what better day than my birthday.

Most of my friends have never been on ebikes before and didn’t know what to expect when we rented them. I walked them through how to use them and taught them safety measures just like I would any customer. This time, though, there were plenty of laughs all around as we picked on one another and started to get excited about our afternoon plans.

Out of the Excelsior location it’s a straight shot to the Lake Minnetonka Regional trail. We decided to head east and find the Cottagewood Store only a couple of miles away. Once you start looking at ebikes you start to see them everywhere. My friends and I lost count of the amount of ebikers on the trail and I was excited to see that some of them were on bikes sold right out of our shop. The ebikes we rented were fun-colored stepthru commuters perfect for riding on the trail. I wasn’t surprised that my friends got used to the ebikes so quickly and it was great that we could all keep up with one another.

At the Cottagewood Store we parked our ebikes and enjoyed cold refreshments. Most of the conversations drifted between odd topics like brain health and to the more generalized family life. We discussed how one another’s families were doing and shared fun stories about their kids. 

Because of the ebikes, we weren’t exhausted when we arrived at the store and they sped the ride up so that we could enjoy more time together. Rather than feeling daunted about having to hop back on the bikes to ride back, we were all excited and eager to get on them again. This is exactly why I love my job, I see more opportunities than obstacles for riders. I’m glad my friends finally got to be a part of that and share a fun experience with me.