A blog exploring special topics one bike meme at a time.

The grumpy cat meme, the meme showing a surprised Keanu Reeves, or the meme of a young girl standing in front of a burning house are all culturally significant images. Memes are a way to communicate timely information, events, and, most importantly, they bring laughter into our lives. 

As an electric bike expert, I want to use memes as a way to offer some brief, friendly advise!

Meme #1: Let's talk repairs. Before your repair turns into a re-repair.

I do think that having a professional electric bike mechanic do the service on your ebike will benefit its performance in the long-run. 99.9999% it's not a good idea to start self-fixing your ebike (unless you're a tech). Let us do that for you.

But I encourage riders to source bike mechanic workshops in their area. The more you know about your bike makes you more confident out on your ride. 

We have the best electric bike service technician in the state of Minnesota. Check out our Service page for more information about how we help our customers.