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Maximize your performance on or off the road.

Bulls has been in the cycling community since 1995 and has worked with many professionally athletes. Their team has been designing and developing bikes of incredibly quality since 2007. With such a longstanding history, it's no surprise that Bulls has sites in twelve countries! We are happy to be a part of that network.

Bulls offers electric mountain bikes and city commuter ebikes, all of which have options for stepthru or high step frames (and some even have mid-step options, as pictured here). The company has worked hard to collaborate with its network of bike specialist across the country in order to provide exceptional options. 

Bulls Cross Mover Speed Wave
Bulls Cross Mover Speed Wave
Bulls Cross Mover Speed Wave

Bulls Cross Mover Speed Wave


Don't forget!

Be safe the ebike-certified way.

The Serfas® Kilowatt is E-Bike certified and features adjustable venting which be can be opened or closed depending on how much air flow you want, also a bright built-in rear LED safety light for added visibility with additional reflective design accents and an easy-to-adjust fit system.

Officially NTA 8776 E-Bike Certified.

Protects against impact at higher speeds, ideal for e-bike riders.

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