Electric Bike Knowledge

Best Ebikes for Shorter Folks

May 18, 2022 Stuart Deets

When riding an ebike there is no reason not to be comfortable. For shorter riders, larger, heavier bikes may be a challenge. That's why we've selected these bikes for their ease of use for shorter riders. They are exceptionally low to the ground, and even will allow for flat feet on the ground. 

Looking for a bike with a greater load capacity?

May 06, 2022 Stuart Deets

There are great reasons to choose a bike with a higher load capacity Ebikes with a higher load capacity are built to be stronger and more durable under load. So they likely have stronger spokes and a stronger motor and battery.

Why We Don't Do Conversion Kits

May 05, 2022 Stuart Deets

It seems like a great idea--you have a bike you love. But you want a little extra boost on your rides. It seems like a great idea to electrify your current ride.But there are important downsides to using a conversion kit for bicycles that you should consider before doing so.

What is Bike Index?

Feb 24, 2022 Stuart Deets

Bike Index is a valuable tool that many bike shops and individuals choose to use to help protect their customers and themselves from the real possibility of bike theft. While the best choice is not having your electric bike stolen in the first place by using a high quality lock, it's good to be prepared.