Electric Bikes Are Awesome

It's My Birthday & I Can Ride an Ebike if I Want To

May 19, 2022 Cassidy Schoenfelder

I send test riders off through the parking lot and I enjoy knowing that everyone goes out smiling even if I can’t see it on their faces. People fall in love with them all of the time. I wanted my friends to have this experience too and what better day than my birthday. We rented electric bikes and had a blast!

Charitable Donations

Mar 15, 2022 Stuart Deets

In the spirit of charitable giving, Powerbikes.com is proud to support our local community. We have recently made donations to a local St. Louis Park school, a charity supporting victims of domestic violence, and a food shelf in the Golden Valley area. 

Memes with Me: Special Topic: Repairs

Jan 28, 2022 Cassidy Schoenfelder

A blog exploring special topics one bike meme at a time. This post's theme: Repairs. The grumpy cat meme, the meme showing a surprised Keanu Reeves, or the meme of a young girl standing in front of a burning house are all culturally significant images. Memes are a way to communicate timely information, events, and, most importantly, they bring laughter into our lives. As an electric bike expert, I want to use memes as a way to offer some brief, friendly advice!

What is the best electric bike for fishing?

Jan 13, 2022 Stuart Deets

What to look for in an electric bike for fishing  Going fishing using an electric bike is different than what most people use an electric bike for, so it's worth thinking about what you're looking for from your bike.