Magnum Electric Bikes

Our Magnum guide offers helpful information in order for you to find the right ebike for your lifestyle. After a brief introduction into Magnum, we will cover some commonly asked questions and end the guide with a list of their ebikes and descriptions. 

Why Magnum bikes?

At, our Magnum ebikes out-sell any other brand in our shop and their company has been around for over a decade. They’re reliable, super capable, and affordable for an electric bike with great performance. 

Magnum carries a variety of models suited for just about any lifestyle from folding ebikes for convenience, electric mountain bikes for the adventurer, and cruisers for the comfort-seeking rider. All of their ebikes are configurable at different speeds, or different classes of ebike.

For instance, you can configure the ebike’s motor assistance to top out at different speeds, and it’s the same with the throttle. All of Magnum’s bikes comply with state and federal regulations for electric bikes. 

All Magnum bikes have a throttle, which is a huge plus. For example, sometimes starting out on a bike from a complete stop is the most uncomfortable or painful part about riding a bike. Many people use the throttle to simply get going on the ebike. Another huge benefit is that at a busy intersection the throttle can be a safe way of quickly moving out of the way of traffic rather than struggling to pick up speed.

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