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Tom, proudly displaying a beautiful electric bike. 

Our Philosophy

We Know Electric Bikes. 

Other bike shops carry a couple electric bikes--they see them as a high dollar, high margin item that someone might buy, but other shops don't really know much about them. At, we live and breathe everything electric bike. 

Our sales staff is highly knowledgeable, friendly, and specializes in electric bikes.

And our service team works exclusively on electric bikes, and they know them inside and out.  

High Quality, Affordable Electric Bikes

We pride ourselves on carrying high quality electric bikes from brands we trust. 

We don't carry brands that are a flash in the pan--we carry bikes which will last, with a warranty and with quality components

When we decide to carry a new brand, we do extensive research on their history and the level of service they are able to provide to us and our customers. 

The Highest Levels of Customer Service

We aren't like other bike shops. We have a clean, brightly lit space, and charge transparent prices and rates. 

Your satisfaction, and our level of customer service, is our #1 priority, always. 

We don't take in repairs on bikes from brands we don't carry, so we are able to turn around repairs, tune-ups, and service checks as quickly as possible and charge reasonable rates.