The Charger4

The Charger4 is an innovated and upgraded ebike designed to encourage the everyday rider to live adventurously. Take this ebike with you to work, class, and take on some sporty terrain, too. Go farther with the integrated 750Wh battery and experience the vibrant technology of the Kiox 300 display and colorful remote.

The new Bosch smart system is intended to provide deeper access to fitness and riding data information. With the compatible eBike Flow app, everything is in the palm of your hand and is worth every penny. Comes in colors: Black Matte and Petrol Matte. 

To begin your custom build of the Charger4, choose a drivetrain:

The drivetrain is the system of components that allow the bike to go. This can include the pedals, the chain or belt, and the mechanisms that provide gear ratios. 

"GT" stands for "grand touring" and is used to indicate that the model would be great for long distance riding. The "HS" stands for "high speed" indicating that the motor will power the ebike up to 28 mph.

How should I configure my Riese & Müller ebike after I've selected the drivetrain? 

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