The Nevo

The Nevo is an approachable step-through ebike with desirable upgrade options. For the everyday rider who wants sporty features, the Nevo is perfect for commuting on or off of the trail. With front fork and seatpost suspension this ebike offers excellent comfort. Take your ride farther and select the dual-battery option, giving you 1,250Wh battery capacity.

The Bosch Performance Line motors, the Bosch batteries, and the innovative Bosch display models come together to offer a consistent and durable electrical system. Comes in three frame colors: Dynamic Red Metallic; Lunar Grey Metallic; and Pure White.

To begin your custom build of the Nevo, choose a drivetrain:

The drivetrain is the system of components that allow the bike to go. This can include the pedals, the chain or belt, and the mechanisms that provide gear ratios. 

"GT" stands for "grand touring" and is used to indicate that the model would be great for long distance riding. The "HS" stands for "high speed" indicating that the motor will power the ebike up to 28 mph.

How should I configure my Riese & Müller ebike after I've selected the drivetrain? 

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