The Tinker

The Tinker is a commuter-centered ebike prioritizing strength and convenience. The compact frame is meant to overcome the challenges associated with the every day commute. This ebike is perfect for navigating congested streets and offers the capability of carrying the bike up a few steps or stowing it in the car or apartment. The front fork suspension is a comfortable addition to the overall minimalist design.

The Bosch Performance motors, the Bosch battery, and the innovative Bosch display models come together to offer a consistent and durable electrical system. Comes in colors: Black Matte and Crystal White. 

To begin your custom build of the Tinker, select the drivetrain:

The drivetrain is the system of components that allow the bike to go. This can include the pedals, the chain or belt, and the mechanisms that provide gear ratios. 

How should I configure my Riese & Müller ebike after I've selected the drivetrain? 

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