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Magnum Cosmopolitan
The Magnum Cosmopolitan electric bike is a stylish and functional city commuter and bike path cruiser that offers plenty of speed, comfort, and good looks. The lightweight frame has a fully integrated battery that makes it hard to tell it's even an ebike. It has all the features you'll need to enjoy your commute or weekend exercise. - The 350W motor and 7-speed drivetrain will give you plenty of power and climbing ability so the hills won't stand a chance. - Integrated front and rear lights that run off the battery will keep you visible and safe on the road. - Front and rear fenders will keep you shoes clean even on wet roads. - The rear rack is perfect for taking the gear you need with you. Model: Magnum “Cosmo” Cosmopolitan E-bike Body Position: Upright Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Max Load: 220lbs *NOTE: Previous Cosmopolitan models were limited to only show the display in kilometers, but this version features an upgraded display with additional levels of pedal assist and displays miles per hour by default.
Magnum Pathfinder 500W
The Magnum Pathfinder 500w electric bike is ready for the city streets and bike paths and makes two wheeled transportation fun, fast, and affordable. The 20" fat tires add extra cushion and traction so you'll soak up any bumps in the road while always maintaining great grip on the streets, even in wet conditions. The 500W motor has plenty of torque to get you up and over any hill in your path with ease, and the max speed of 25mph will get you where you need to go in a flash. Plus, the rear rack combined with fenders and integrated head lights and taillights make this city ebike fully set up for an active urban lifestyle. Model: Magnum Pathfinder Compact 20" Fat Tire E-bike Body Position: Upright Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Max Load: 265lbs
Magnum Premium II Low Step
The Magnum Premium II Low Step folding electric bike is all about convenience, comfort, and speed. It's the perfect ebike for those who want a bike they can enjoy riding day in and day out on roads and bike paths. And when you're done with your ride or commute, it folds up quickly and easily and will fit just about anywhere. The step thru frame makes getting on and off a breeze, and the upright handlebars will keep your back straight and your wrists comfortable. Plus, there's even a suspension seat post under the wide, cushioned saddle that absorbs the bumps in the road. The 500W 48V motor combined with the Shimano 7-speed drivetrain will get you up and over any hill in your way so there's no reason to take the bus or drive since you'll have way more fun on an ebike. The Premium II also has hydraulic brakes for better stopping power so you're always in control. Model: Magnum Premium Ii Low Step Body Position: Upright Electric Bike Class: Throttle On-demand (Class 2), Speed Pedelec (Class 3) *Throttle can be removed for Class 1 Warranty: 1 Year Comprehensive Max Load: 242lbs Folded dimensions: 14" X 33" X 33"
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