Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike


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The Emojo Caddy Pro Electric Trike is in-stock, and available for test rides at our St. Louis Park, Minnesota and Excelsior, Minnesota locations. 

Stability - Three fat-tire wheels put three points of contact with the road at all times, giving you more stability than any other electric bike on the market. Potholes are no match for the three fat-tire wheels and front suspension!

Comfort - Coupled with an adjustable seatpost & handlebars, as well as a premium saddle with a fine-tuneable backrest, this bike is designed with a comfortable upright ride style that can be fine-tuned to you specifically! 

Power - The 500-Watt motor is located at the front hub of the trike, not only balancing the bike from front to back, but also giving you more traction and climbing power on steep hills. The dynamic Pedal Assist offers the opportunity to get exercise with that extra boost–or the throttle allows you to power up even steep hills without effort!

Safety and Security - Every Caddy Pro Electric Trike comes equipped with hydraulic brakes for incredible stopping power, a rear brake light and a lockable yet conveniently removable battery. 

Economics - You wanna know the best part about electric bikes?  You don’t have to pay for gas.  The Caddy Pro Electric Trike could replace your car for all of your grocery runs, trips to the park, the beach, or your local pub.  The trike has an average range of 35+ miles, and with an additional 55 lbs of carrying capacity, you can fit all your groceries, Fido, or Junior’s football equipment. 

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